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The Farm

Quinta do Burgo has existed since 1679 and is therefore one of the oldest sites in northern Portugal. Today, its rustic charm surrounded by the greenest nobility of nature, has become the privileged space to stay in Rural Tourism.

The facilities offer a wide variety of activities for those who prefer to enjoy the period of relaxation and rest without the frenzy of travel by car. There are also services that Quinta do Burgo offers to its visitors, rigorously prepared; a tour guide is provided to make the most of your time in outdoor activities.

With all the refinement of the Minho tradition, in every corner of the Quinta, guests are assured of the utmost comfort and the best welcome.

  • “Sempre o local ideal para retiro! Uma passagem de ano a 2 neste fantástico lugar. O quarto, virado para a piscina, com varanda, tem uma vista sobre a serra que nos faz voar com o cheiro verdadeiro da natureza. Obrigado por este momento maravilhoso!”

     - João A.

  • “Hotel rural com atendimento excepcional! O hotel tem um fantástico ambiente familiar. Está dividido em duas zonas, uma antiga mais rústica e uma zona nova que tem quartos mais modernos. Todos eles muito simples, mas confortáveis e limpos. ”

     - Luis D

  • “Excelente Sitio bem relaxante! Excelente Qta perto de Braga e do Geres, com acolhimento bem familiar da D. Aurora e da Susana com vista para o rio, óptimos restaurantes e bares na proximidade, com boa comida em especial a Churrasqueira Minhota.”

     - Luis S


What To Visit

Groom's House

"Makes ours your house" is the motto of the House of the Bride and Groom, a concept that Quinta do Burgo intends to make real for the bride and groom to feel at home.

In this way, Quinta do Burgo provides a range of spaces and services so that the couple can prepare for the big day!

The groom can choose a double room, a suite or an overnight apartment on the eve of the wedding, being more relaxed on the big day.

Of these services, we highlight: Zen Moments, Hairdressing and Makeup, Photographic Session in the different environments of the farm, Guest Reception, Brunch on the wedding day, Wedding Night and Brunch the day after the wedding.

Welcome Guests

Guest reception is a simpler service than brunch, and is intended for when the bride and groom intends to offer a "treat" to the guests who arrive on the wedding day, while the bride and groom prepare, take pictures on the farm prior to the ceremony.

Wedding Day Brunch

This brunch is ideal for when the religious / civil ceremony is in the afternoon, with a large amount of time between breakfast and dinner party, brunch will be a reinforcement of the breakfast, so the guests will not have to leave the farm for lunch at the local restaurants.

After Party Brunch

This brunch is for the day after the wedding, thus prolonging the party, when the bride and groom, family and guests prologue their stay at Quinta do Burgo.

It is another day of conviviality, in which a buffet catering service is served.


Contact Us

Please use the contact methods available for more information or to make a reservation.

Address Rua do Burgo, nº 475
Postal Code 4720-059 Amares
Email geral@quintadoburgo.com
Phone +351 253992749
Cellphone +351 961718660
Coordinates 41.6166, -8.3516